Language of the Flowers
the flowers and their meanings

Flower  - Meaning
Acorn  - life and immortality
Apple Blossom  - Better things to come
Anemone  - Abandoned, Deserted, Castaway, Forsaken
Asparagus Fern  - Interest (commanding), Fascination, Captivating
Aster (China)  - Think Of Thee (I Will), Fidelity, Variety, 
Azalea  - Care (take__of yourself for me), Temperance, Fragile, Passion, Love (1st), Romance
Baby's Breath  - Innocence, Pure Of Heart
Bachelor's Button  - Single Blessedness, Celibacy
Begonia  - Fanciful Nature, Beware (to take care, be wary)
Bouvardia  - Enthusiasm, Belief in special revelations of the Holy Spirit
Buttercup  - Abundances, Riches
Caladium  - Great joy and delight
Calla Lily  - Magnificent Beauty
Cardinal Flower/Scarlet Lobelia  - Distinction, Recognition (special), Worthy of
Carnation, General  - Fascination, Devoted Love
Carnation, Pink  - I'll never forget you
Carnation, Purple  - Capriciousness, Implusive, Fickle, Impredictable
Carnation, Red  - Heart aches for you (my), Admiration
Carnation, Solid Color  - Yes
Carnation, Striped  - With you (Sorry I can't be), No, Refusal, Wish I could be with you
Carnation, White  - Innocence, Sweet and lovely, Pure love, woman's good luck gift
Carnation, Yellow  - Rejection, You have disappointed me
Carnations (3)  - Jesus , 3 Nails Of
Cattail  - Prosperity , Peace
Cedar  - I Live But For Thee
Cherry  - Fruit Of Paradise, Also The Departed
Cherry Blossom (Single)  - Education
Cherry Tree Branch  - Wealth, Health And Happiness, Fertility
Chrysanthemum, General  - Rest, Cheerfulness, Friend (You're a wonderful)
Chrysanthemum, Red  - Love
Chrysanthemum, White  - Truth
Chrysanthemum, Yellow  - Slighted love
Cinquefoil  - Beloved Child
Cosmos  - Freedom from conceit or vanity, Modesty
Crocus  - Cheerfulness, Abuse Not, Gladness
Cross  - Faith In Christ, Also World's Axis
Cross, Heart, Anchor  - Christian Symbols, Faith (cross), Love (heart), Hope (anchor)
Daffodil  - Sunshine, Unrequited Love, Respect, The Sun Shines When I'm With You
Daffodil (Yellow )  - Bravery, Honor, Protection of the weak , Chivalry
Daisy  - Purity, Innocence, Loyal love, I'll never tell
Daisy (Red)  - Beauty Unknown To Possessor
Daisy Ox-Eye  - Patience
Delphinium  - Big-Hearted, Fun
Dogwood  - Love undiminished by adversity
Dove  - Charity, Mercy And Peace; Christian Symbol For The Holy Spirit.
Eremurus/Foxtail Lily  - Endurance, remain firm under suffering w/o yielding)
Eucalyptus  - Protection
Euphorbia, Spurge  - Persistence, Persevere
Fern  - Confidence, Shelter, Fascination, Sincerity
Fern (Maiden Hair)  - Secret bond of love
Fir  - Time
Forsythia  - Anticipation
Freesia  - Innocence, Trust
Gardenia  - Refinement, Purity, Love (Secret), You're lovely
Genetian, Fringed  - Heaven (I Look To), Intrinsic Worth
Gentian, Closed  - Dreams (Sweet Be Thy)
Grass  - Submission
Heart With Cross And Anchor  - Love (Heart), Faith (Cross) And Hope (Anchor)
Heather, Lavender  - Solitude, Admiration
Heather, White  - Protection, Wishes will come true
Holly  - Defense, Domestic Happiness
Hollyhock  - Fruitfulness, Abundantly Productive
Honeysuckle  - Enduring Faith
Houstonia/Bluet/Quaker Ladies  - Content, Satisfied, Freedom from care or discomfort
Huckleberry  - Faith, Simple Pleasures
Hydrangea  - Understanding (Thank You For)
Iris  - Faith, Wisdom, Promise In Love, Hope, Wisdom & Valor
Iris (Yellow)  - Passion
Ivy  - Fidelity, Wedded love, Friendship, Affection
Ivy (Sprig of white tendrils)  - Affection, Anxious to please
Jonquil (yellow&white daffodil)  - Affection returned, Sympathy, Love me, Desire
Lantana  - Difficult (condition that makes life), Rigor, Severity, Strictness, Judgement (harsh)
Lavender  - Devotion, Love
Lily Of The Valley  - Happiness (Return to), You've made my life complete, Humility, Virgin Mary (Tears of the), Sweetness
Lily, Calla  - Beauty (Magnificent)
Lily, Day  - Flirtaeous/Coquetry, Chinese Emblem For Mother
Lily, General  - Purity, Chastity; Innocence
Lily, Orange  - Dislike, Hatred
Lily, Tiger  - Wealth, Pride, Prosperity
Lily, White  - Heavenly To Be With You, Majesty, Virginity, Purity, Youth
Lily, Yellow  - I'm Walking On Air, Gratitude
Lotus  - Love (Estranged), Forgetful Of The Past
Love-Lies-Bleeding/Amaranthus  - Not Heartless, Hopeless, Desertion
Magnolia  - Love of nature, Nobility
Marigold (Common)  - Sacred, Rays Of Light, Affection
Mistletoe  - Difficulties (Surmount), Kiss me, Affection
Moss  - Benevolent, Goodwill, Love (of Humanity), Love (Maternal), Charity, Love (Christian)
Mullein/Verbasum  - Good Nature, Gentle
Oak Leaves  - Bravery
Olive Branch  - Peace
Orchid  - Beauty, Love, Refinement, Chinese Symbol For Many Children, Thoughtfulness
Paired Birds  - Eternal Life, Descended From A Motif Of "Two Doves On The Holy Mountain"
Palm Leaves  - Victory & Success
Pansy  - Good Thoughts; Thinking Of You
Peony  - Compassion, Bashfulness, Happy Marriage
Peruvian Lily, Alstroemeria  - Fortune Wealth, Prosperity
Petunia  - Your Presence Soothes Me
Pine  - Hope, Pity
Pine Cone  - Life
Poppy, General  - Imagination, Eternal sleep
Poppy, Red  - Pleasure
Poppy, White  - Comforted, Consolation
Prince's Feather (of Wales), Celosia  - Love (Unfading)
Pussy Willow  - Motherhood
Queen Anne's Lace  - Haven, Safety (place of)
Reed, Flowering  - Confide In Heaven
Reeds  - Music
Rose, 1-Yellow & 11-Red  - Love & Passion
Rose, Coral  - Desire, Long-Hope-Wish for
Rose, Dark Pink  - Thankfulness
Rose, Deep Red  - Bashful
Rose, Garland or Crown of  - Merit (Reward of), (crown) Symbol of Superior Merit, Righteousness, Beware of Virtue
Rose, Lavender  - Attract & Move deeply, Enchantment
Rose, Leaf  - You may hope
Rose, Orange  - Interest (extremely) , Fascination, Charmed
Rose, Pale Pink  - Grace, Joy
Rose, Peach  - Desire, Immortality, Modesty
Rose, Pink  - Thankfulness, Please believe me, Grace & Sweetness, Perfect Happiness
Rose, Red  - Love, I Love You, Respect, Beauty
Rose, Single Full Bloom  - I love you, I still love you
Rose, White  - You're heavenly, Silence, I am worthy of you, Secrecy, Purity, Innocence
Rose, White & Red Together  - Unity, Flower Emblem Of England
Rose, White-Dried  - Death Is Preferable To Loss Of Virtue
Rose, Yellow  - Joy, Jealousy, Friendship
Rosebud  - Beauty & Youth, A Heart Innocent Of Love
Rosebud, Red  - Pure and lovely
Rosebud, White  - Girlhood, Heart Ignorant Of Love
Rosemary  - Remembrance (ability to remember, do not forget)
Rush/Horse-Tail  - Obiedent , Docility, Teachable
Sage  - Wisdom, Great Respect, Female Fidelity
Sedum, Stonecrop  - Tranquility, Free from turmoil-disturbance-agitation, Steady, Stable
Snowball  - Thoughts Of Heaven
Star Of Bethlehem  - God (Oneness w/), Atonement, Purity, Reconciliation, Salvation
Statice  - Remembrance, Sympathy, Memory of
Statice  - Sympathy, Remembrance, Memory of
Stephanotis  - Desire to travel, Happiness in marriage
Stock  - Promptness, Lasting beauty, Bonds of affection, You'll always be beautiful to me
Strawberry  - Christ (Associated With); Perfect Fruit (Because There's No Rind Or Pit To Throw Away); Perfect Righteousness; Used In Borders For A Decorative Element
Strawberry Blossom  - Purity, Foresight
Sunflower ( Dwarf)  - Adoration
Sunflower (Tall)  - Pride
Sweet William, Pinks, Dianthus  - Pure Affection
Tulip, Red  - Believe Me, Declaration Of Love
Tulip, Yellow  - Sunshine In Your Smile, hopeless love
Valerian  - Accommodating Disposition,Helpful, Obliging, Providing
Verbena  - Pray For Me, Sensibility
Violet  - Virtue, Modesty, Affection
Violet, Blue  - Faithfulness, I'll always be true, Watchfulness
Violet, White  - Let's Take A Chance On Happiness
Wall Flower/Gilly Flower  - Faithful In Adversity, Fidelity, Lasting Beauty
Water lily  - Purity of heart
Wisteria  - Welcome, I cling to thee
Sweet Woodruff  - Eternal Life
Yarrow  - Healing, Cure For Heartache
Zinnia, General  - Thoughts of absent friends
Zinnia, Magenta  - Lasting Affection
Zinnia, Mixed  - Thinking (or in Memory) of an absent friend
Zinnia, Scarlet  - Constancy, Steadfastness, Loyalty, Fidelity
Zinnia, White  - Goodness
Zinnia, Yellow  - Daily Remembrance


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